Team overview

Nahashon Njenga, Managing Partner.

A spirited finance & investment professional, with over four years experience in the investment industry in Sub-Saharan Africa as an investment analyst, financial advisor and investor. Nahashon Karumbo currently serves as the Managing Partner at Moribus-Rokh LLP, overseeing operations and investment management

Kelvin Mutahi, Partner

An economist by training, Kelvin has over four years experience in the financial services sector within the asset management industry. Kelvin Njogu has worked as an investment analyst looking at various opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa across banking, telecommunication, insurance, manufacturing, agribusiness, energy and FMCG sectors. He currently sits in the Investment Committee of a regional asset manager reviewing investment opportunities and helping clients meet their financial objectives.

Tillen Peters, Partner

An Associate Fellow of The Actuarial Society of Kenya, Tillen Peters has over ten years experience in the Financial Services sector having held various roles in traditional and alternate business channels in banking. Currently working out of theActuarial Department for a regional insurance group, he is a key member of the team that provides actuarial and product development support to the insurance giant.