The Vessel

Moribus-Rokh LLP is the culmination of a long held belief that finance is a power for good among its founding partners. As a firm it seeks to deploy capital in African ventures driven towards tackling everyday challenges faced by people and organisations. Seeking inspired innovation and supporting visionaries to deliver their dreams to Africa and the world.We take an interest in ideas that not only promise to deliver strong demand driven performance but create a sustainable business by delivering practical solutions to existing and future challenges.We consider ourselves adventurers in the dawn of the renewed African Renaissance.

The Adventurers

The adventurers are the men and women who have dedicated their skills and invested in The Quest.

A spirited young man who has over four years experience in the investment industry in Sub-Saharan Africa as aninvestment analyst, financial advisor and investor. Nahashon Njenga currently serves as the Managing Partner at Moribus-Rokh,overseeing operations and investment management.

quotes-image Nahashon Njenga

An economist by training, Kelvin has over four years experience in the financial services sector within the asset management industry. Kelvin Njogu has worked as an investment analyst looking at various opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa across banking, telecommunication, insurance, manufacturing and FMCG sectors.

quotes-image Kelvin Njogu

An Associate Fellow of The Actuarial Society of Kenya, Tillen Peters has over ten years experience in the Financial Servicessector having held various roles in traditional and alternate business channels in banking. Currently working out of theActuarial Department for a regional insurance group.

quotes-image Tillen Omondi

The Quest

The African Renaissance has remained a strong aspiration on the continent in the post-colonial era and a subject of academic pursuits since Cheikh Anta Diop documented the yearning across the continent for achieving cultural, scientific and economic renewal. While the argument can be made that there has been some success in realization of the African Renaissance it is undeniable that the process has been slow and more so in achieving economic renewal. Part of the hindrance to a strong economic rejuvenation has been the lack of patient capital to support unconventional business models required for businesses to survive in the unique terrain of regulatory and structural puzzles on the continent.Moribus-Rokh seeks to cure this by providing patient capital to support ventures from concept to maturity while unlocking a variety of sector niches for both innovation and investment.



Our adventure into the African Renaissance opens with an investment in a rethink of the way businesses and consumers interact in the modern era. Umbhuli is a firm dedicated to innovation and efficiency in helping businesses manage their customer relations while delivering real time market intelligence.